Yeah, so…

I put up my hand to foster a puppy.

His name is Dan. Bonney loves him.

Chico, not so much, but as Dan learns to keep his distance and I give Chico lots of cookies, he seems to be warming up to the pup.

The puppy has his own crate, with a towel, not a pad, and and attached exercise pen, so he can have safe space when I’m not looking. Yet, he much prefrate.ers Bonney’s crate. And she seems OK with that. Maybe it’s time to get him a pad for his c

“Why does he like *my* crate so much?

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2 Responses to Yeah, so…

  1. Susan LaPolice says:

    Hi Annie, Congratulations on your new puppy, Dan! He is really cute. It is great that Bonnie likes Dan and Chico tolerates him. So what made you decide to get another dog? I am wondering where you put him in the car. Another crate in back seat? So happy for you! Susan Sent from my iPhone


  2. annieriecken says:

    Thanks. I took him as a foster, we’ll see if he stays. For now, at 10 pounds, he fits in a crate on the back seat. Be well.

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