Out to lunch

My pups were close to perfect.

Thanks El Portal (Pasadena, CA) for your dog friendly patio.

Thanks Chris and Mickey for our annual meal there.

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Oil change at 7:30 AM makes for good view of the sunrise.

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Got’ya Day

9 years ago today I got in my car and drove five hours to meet my sister at the Danbury Fair Mall, in Danbury Connecticut. I put her dog in my car, with the full intention of finding him a new home.

I guess I did.

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Funny what can make one happy

A room at the end of the hall on the top floor, with ten foot ceilings. Delivery Thai food. King bed. Space for dogs to stretch out. Free parking. Places to walk near enough to walk to. Friends to eat and drink with tomorrow. What’s not to like?

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California is getting green

The sight of the golden brown California hills turning green makes my heart sing every time I see it.

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And oleander in bloom. Onward to NorCal.

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Thanks Lakewood

Quick stop at an almost empty dog park before meeting our road trip pal at the airport. Dogs got to run, I stretched my legs too.

And yesterday in New York,

there was this. Who knew? If I’d been aware in advance I would have built-in time to stop at the Lucy and Desi museum. Next time.

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On the way

We’re through Massachusetts, where the state provides multiple signs to remind people not to drive in the left lane unless they are actually passing.

We took a short detour to visit friends in Pennsylvania last night.

Now we bid a fond farewell to “Pennsyltucky” where my friend who teaches school had today off because it’s the first day you can go out with your rifle and get your deer, but does not get the day off for Martin Luther King Day.

Westward ho!

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Snow globe day

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Winter here

Snow came early this year.

We got out on snow shoes, well, I wore them, the other day.

Much as we love the snow, and bad as the air is out west, I’m packing up the car soon and going to meet a friend and taking a road trip.

Having a human travel companion may free up my fingers to make more posts this time.

Please stay tuned.

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