Bonney is two today

And Chico is getting on. He hurt his shoulder in the agility ring this past weekend. Not badly, but he was too excited for his turn and launched off the A-frame and landed badly.

Then, on a walk he jumped in the brook and ended up in a place where the current was strong and his feet didn’t touch bottom and he got stuck. I had to wade in the water and grab his collar and pull him to where he could touch bottom.

But he seems fine and he got some endless-lap-pool swimming for a minute or two. Though he’s less inclined to go into the water right now. A hot day and a familiar riverbank and some treats can fix that.


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I can do tricks

I was doing something in the yard and Chico wanted attention,  so he started doing clever things. Like this. Look how proud he is of himself. 

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My dogs love to wade.

In Vernal pools:

In the river:

They don’t love swimming, they love wading.

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On recent walks

We have seen lots of signs of spring:

Yellow violets (which seems like a contradictory name for a flower):

These pretty little things:

These shrubs that look like wild hydrangeas:

And, of course,  swimming:

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Bonney mat work outdoors 

Thanks to our teacher, here we ate working on “send to mat.”

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Vernal (swimming) pool

There’s a swale outside and it’s full of water this week. Bonney’s private wading pool.

Chico says, “No thanks. In fact, what she’s doing makes me a little nervous.”

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Athletic Bonney

Upping the game: “catch it.”

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Oh, what a day

Finally sunny and warm, yesterday’s ten inches of snow melting fast, we had to get outside and get muddy.

Even Chico got in on the action. You might want to turn the volume down a bit before you listen to this, Bonster is pretty loud.

She loves this ball and we’re all so under-exercised right now that I spent a good fifteen minutes playing “football” with her and letting Chico run around in excitement. And we’ll probably do it a little bit more before the sun goes behind the trees.

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Young man

In October of 2006, my family gathered to celebrate my mother’s 9th birthday.  My niece hadn’t had her annoying rescue for very long, but he made it into the photo album my thoughtful cousin Andrea made. 

Little did I know that ten years later that annoying beast would be my treasured heart-dog and I would be thrilled and tearful to find an image of him as a young guy.

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Two relaxed dogs

We had a fun visit to Maggie’s back yard yesterday. Maggie and Bonney played with each other, and Chico got excited enough to play with me like we were a couple of dogs. He can run at me and punch me with two feet, play-bite at my arms and hands, dance to “I’m gonna get you!” – he can even roll around like two dogs playing bitey-face with me. Not with another dog, but with me, yes.

His eyes were shining, his tail was wagging, his mouth was half-open in a doggie smile. He ran and dodged.

Bon-bon did the same with Maggie.

And when we came home and had dinner, everyone canine was very relaxed:

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