Road trip for a Bonney-based activity

Later in the week we’re packing up and heading to Maryland to a “gathering” of English Shepherds (and their people) being held this Saturday. It sounds interesting, and what could it hurt to meet other ESs and their people? I’m sure there will be lots of information passed around – some of it applicable to us, lots of dog play, some food, and probably something useful will come of it.

And I get to see my sister, my niece, and our friends Kathy and Ben. Long time readers may remember Ben, his opening gambit with Chico, years ago, was to offer steak. To this day Chico is pretty sure Ben is God, or at least he ranks right up there.

It sounds like an event that will require lots of photos. I’ll work on that.


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It was a huge moment

Yesterday a man came to look at my problem flooring, and while he was doing his inspection, Chico, Bonney, and I all played with the skunk tug. I had it by the tail, Chico – on my left -had a front leg, Bonney – on my right – a rear one, and we all rassled around for 30 or 45 seconds like that.

We have not been able to do that before.

Every other time, since June when she came, if Bonney wanted to tug, Chico just went away.

I was and still am so danged happy. I was praising like crazy, and laughing … the floor man must have wondered about his future client’s sanity.

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Bonney does 9 obstacles

well eight, she skipped one. But that was my fault.

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Bonney met the Robinsons’ kitty today

And asked her if she’d please play like a dog.


Oh, pretty please …? I’ll self handicap.

Are you sure?

After this, kitty ran away,  but not far, and not up a tree. They played, in a way, for a little longer,  and then Bonney happily came to me.

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The walk was uphill,

… and it was humid and over 80, but with encouragement,  we all made it up and down.

Bonney might have been more active than Chico; she’s certainly more tired.

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Bonney and Tate had a date

We took a walk this morning with Tate, Simon, Quince, and their people.Chico and Simon, the elder statesmen, had a fine time, trotting at the rear of the group. Chico was very lively at the beach he ran, and played, and swam. He grows more comfortable in social settings all the time.

Tate and Bonney, the youngsters, spent most of the walk, a healthy hour, chasing each other and wrestling.

When we stopped by Tate’s house for a snack and a cup of tea after, Bonney wasn’t done, and neither was Tate.

Looks fierce, doesn't? It isn't.

Looks fierce, doesn’t? It isn’t. Look at Bonney’s eyes, she almost looks like she’s in an ecstatic trance state.

Love seeing them all wrapped up in each other, rasslin' in that doggie way.

Love seeing them all wrapped up in each other, rasslin’ in that doggie way.

Finally Tate had enough and took a nap. Not the Bonster. She tried repeatedly to rouse him, then finally went outside to watch whatever dogs watch.

Now I have two very tired dogs sleeping by me; one to either side.


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Bonney needs to be busy

An apple will do:

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The car is getting body work

That puts us in the truck this week. No crate. Would they get along unconfined? No need to be worried.  It took some talking to get Chico in the back part of the cab, but I made it worth his while. It’s really more comfortable back there.

After the dump, we went for a walk by the brook.

We found a very muddy place. 

I had two little foxes.

But Bonney really did the best job of full contact mudding. 

Mercifully,  she rinses clean with a dip in the river.

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Chico garden stakes

I ordered these a year ago.

I love them.

Bonney loves digging.

And wading.

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Not bad for eleven

Eleven and a half if anyone is counting.

Here’s our run in AKC Jumpers last Sunday:

Ten seconds slower than the first place dog, .85 seconds faster than Chico’s long time agility buddy Ruby, and ten seconds faster than the allowed course time. Second place a Q. So proud of my guy.

Our standard run was not a Q. Chico’s back end still isn’t as strong as it could be so he really wants to avoid the A-frame, which he does. The wrong end of the tunnel that ends the run – that’s my fault. I thought I could get out in front of him and push him to the other entry. Not so much.

Oh well. That’s what the recordings are for, so I can learn.


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