Snow globe day

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Winter here

Snow came early this year.

We got out on snow shoes, well, I wore them, the other day.

Much as we love the snow, and bad as the air is out west, I’m packing up the car soon and going to meet a friend and taking a road trip.

Having a human travel companion may free up my fingers to make more posts this time.

Please stay tuned.

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Still here

Just because I don’t know what to say doesn’t mean you can’t look at some pictures of my dogs.

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First they looked like this

Then, a few days later, they looked like this:

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I got out of the habit

In late November I took the dogs out west in the car. We visited Bonney’s breeder, and lots of my friends and family. I stayed away rather longer than I intended, and somehow blog posts did not happen along the way.

It was a great trip and I will work on getting some posts based on it, but, here’s what happened today.

Bonney had a lot of fun playing alligator in a muddy ditch today.

Chico stayed considerably cleaner, dignified guy that he is. Going on 14. Still jumps up in the car by himself, still runs agility with gusto.

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Watch “I just ran as fast as I could” on YouTube

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The funny dead tree

… that I posted this summer, all covered with mushrooms – it succumbed to the strong winds last Friday.


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We went to herding camp …

and all I have in the way of pictures is this one of Chico working on his sensitivity to larger, unfamiliar dogs.He’s looking a little nervous because I walked away to take the picture, but he’s still where I asked him to be. He’s not barking at the GSD through the fence. This is huge for my guy.

And Miss B – she learned that calm, focused attention was what allowed her to get closer to the sheep. When we got there, if we were within 150 feet of sheep, she was at the end of the line and I may as well not have existed.

Two weeks later, she could follow me through an empty pasture when there were sheep in a neighboring field; she could walk slowly towards three sheep from fifty feet away and stop when asked to, no tugs on a leash (yes, a drag line on the ground, but I wasn’t holding it, it was serving as an emergency brake) – up to a distance of thirty feet from the sheep. And she happily left the arena of sheep with me when told “That’ll do.”

I got to help worm sheep. I got to help move sheep. I learned how to sing to sheep. And I got to feed granola bars to Xander, the camel that defends the sheep from predators. Sadly, the image of Xander is only stored in my google photos, which seems very unwilling to share the image. Please click on the link below:


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That smells good

No posts recently. No apologies. No explanations. Lots of agility. Two weeks learning how to herd sheep. One of these days I’ll say more about all of that. But for now here’s a lovely picture of my two dogs smelling the same interesting smell:

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It seems like all we do is …

walk in the woods and look for fungi, but I do do a lot of that.

We went to an agility trial a few weeks ago, outside at a nice fairgrounds. It was beautiful weather on Saturday. Unfortunately, we were entered on Sunday. It rained. Oh, my did it rain. Good girl Bonney gave me five runs, all the titling classes USDAA offers. She did some funny things, like grabbing her leash at the start line and dragging it over the first two obstacles. That didn’t get us eliminated, but going to bark at the kid doing ring crew did. In her defense, he was all hunched up on his chair, sweatshirt hood over his head and face, knees tucked up inside the front. I’m pretty sure she never saw anything like that before. But she came back to me. By the time it was Chico’s turn to run at the end of the day, the field was puddles and slick grass – I scratched him because I was afraid he would be so excited to run that he might slip and hurt himself. Just not worth it.

So we keep on walking. It’s good for all of us.

I have a bell on my pack because it’s blackberry season and I don’t want to surprise any bears.

I’m amazed at how favorable this summer/early fall has been to the fungus I know as “coral mushroom” – there’s just a ton of it.

Here’s some things I’ve seen on recent walks:

Chico with s*%#-neck. So proud of himself.

The sky reflected in a beaver pond.

Giant fungi.

Bonney across the stream.

Bonney in the stream.

Crazy stump covered with shelf fungi that look like …


That’s it for now.

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