The fungus among us

It’s been an interesting combination of wet and dry this summer, and on recent walks we’ve seen all sorts of things sprouting from the leaf litter.

Which turn into this as they rot:

And those yellow spots are Chanterelles. Lots of them.

I’m often not sure what the dogs are interested in, but there was plenty of that too.

They didn’t even notice this little salamander, but I did.

And it knew I was there, it booked it under a leaf as fast as possible.

Back to the car,

“You coming?”

to see if I caught my limit on deerflies.

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Such different personalities

Last month I was packing the car in preparation for a road trip to an agility trial. My two dogs expressed their personalities so clearly.

Chico worried:

“Where’s she going? Do the dogs get to go? Oooh dear, I hope the dogs get to go.”

Bonney calmly located herself where it was impossible to leave without her knowing and waited:

“She can’t possibly sneak out of here without my knowing. Not if I’m right here.”

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Thanks to those beavers

along Mill Brook, there is a place where the water is just the right depth to make a not-quite-swimming pool for the dogs.

You can’t get to the bridge without wading yourself, but the dogs are in heaven.

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I’m so tardy posting these pictures. It was early June, a cool, rainy day, and we went to hike near White Lake.

We saw beautiful lady slippers,

including the biggest patch I have ever seen.

The pair of loons that live there were out and about.

We went up to Spruce Bog.

Some of us followed our noses, and were very, very nice to each other.

There was a LOT of pollen on the water.

Bonney tried to herd Ed in his kayak.

It was a smashingly good afternoon.


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Strawberry fields forever 

This picture was taken over a month ago.

When we walked through here earlier this week all those white flowers were ripe strawberries. I ate a number of them. I can assure you they were quite delicious. And I thought they would be there so I had to bell on my backpack in case any bears were enjoying them. But we didn’t see any bears.

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When we’re not doing agility,

or walking in the woods, or trying to keep the house under control, this is how we spend the hot hours:

People fish my stretch of the river, like the man in the background, who we already barked at once, and they drive through the yard to go swim, the rental house next door has ramped up for the season – there’s really no place to go that doesn’t present a training opportunity.

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Hot dog

It was hot, even at 10:30 this morning, so we went to Wonalacet Brook. It was hot there too, but there’s water for dipping.

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Bonney is two today

And Chico is getting on. He hurt his shoulder in the agility ring this past weekend. Not badly, but he was too excited for his turn and launched off the A-frame and landed badly.

Then, on a walk he jumped in the brook¬†and ended up in a place where the current was strong and his feet didn’t touch bottom and he got stuck. I had to wade in the water and grab his collar and pull him to where he could touch bottom.

But he seems fine and he got some endless-lap-pool swimming for a minute or two. Though he’s less inclined to go into the water right now. A hot day and a familiar riverbank and some treats can fix that.


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I can do tricks

I was doing something in the yard and Chico wanted attention,  so he started doing clever things. Like this. Look how proud he is of himself. 

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My dogs love to wade.

In Vernal pools:

In the river:

They don’t love swimming, they love wading.

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