The cover of this week’s New Yorker magazine

. . . shows Mitt Romney driving a car with Rick Santorum riding in a dog house strapped to the roof of the car. You can see it here.

In 1983 Mitt Romney’s family went on vacation and when the car was too full for everything, Romney put the dog in a crate tied to the top of the family station wagon and drove off. The dog, Seamus, survived that trip, and the Romneys later maintained that afterwards he eagerly clambered on top of the car in anticipation of rides. I’m not so sure about that, and even if the dog *did* like it, to me that’s not a safe or healthy place to put your dog.

These days they’re calling it Crategate. New York Times columnist Gail Collins, she freely admits in this story at, is obsessed with it.

So is this blog: Dogs against Romney. Dogs Against Romney was founded by Scott Crider in June 2007, so this is a long-running campaign. Something like the current competition for the Republican party nomination.

Politics aside, I’m going to keep Chico inside his crate, inside the car, with me; thank you very much.

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