Mt Katherine

On a windy Friday Chico, Sophie (and her person N), and I went for a walk up Mount Katherine. It’s a short hike to a good view.

N with Sophie and Chico, who are ignoring the view. By the tilt of Chico’s head and the way Sophie is focused on N’s hand, I’d say they are concentrating on a treat she has for one of them. Just guessing, but I bet the guy who’s sitting is the recipient.

The wind was gusting over 40 miles an hour at the top, but it’s such a rarity for me to be with someone who has the presence of mind to remember to take a picture of me and Chico on our adventures, I thought I’d put this up.

The dogs did good parallel play (each having a fine time on their own, not playing, not fighting, just not interacting) all the way up the mountain and when we spooked a bear neither of them went after it.

Have I mentioned lately that Chico is the very best exercise partner I ever had?

How can I not love the critter that motivates me to go to places this nice?

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