Nail trimming video

Rewarding Behaviors Dog Training pointed out this video, saying  “Colleen Koch is one of my favorite friends, trainers, and veterinarians. Check out her great nail trim video: Could you imagine if all vets were this behavior-savvy? A girl can dream!”

It’s worth a watch – it’ll give many dog owners something to aspire to. How many of us take the dog somewhere to have her nails clipped? One local pet store does free nail trims of you spend $45. Takes two people and sometimes a muzzle, the dog gets pinned to the floor – it doesn’t look like a lot of fun for any of those involved.

Chico and I have arrived at a point where, with a lot of great treats, I can carefully clip his nails. It was not something I was able to train. It was something I asked Julie to train during a week when he was at her house for board and train and she said it wasn’t easy. He had some very bad associations with nail trimming and she worked with him for hours over his stay.

So nail trimming is a work in progress for us. How about your dog?

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