Dear Readers

I started this blog about nine months ago, mostly because I couldn’t stop talking about my dog. It seemed that if my friends and family were actually interested in my stories about Chico, not just being polite and listening to me go on and on, they could come here. Besides, I realized that I’d finally found a subject on which I could write, unprompted, at considerable length.

He’s such a looker, and so smart, and he’s come so far since he came into my life, it’s all I can do not to gush about him to strangers.

And yet, through the miracle of the internet, “strangers” have started to read this blog. In the last few weeks I’ve had a real increase in likes and follows from people I don’t know at all.  Let me say I am just thrilled, just thrilled, that you like what I write, or like my dog, enough to keep reading.

So, here’s my question – what content do you like best here? Training and agility techniques? Watching video of us doing agility? Pieces from other writers that I refer you to? Accounts of our field trips? Something else? Please use the comments to let me know what interests you the most. I don’t promise to have more to say about it, but I am quite curious what it is that attracts my readers.

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3 Responses to Dear Readers

  1. Dan says:

    I’m a field trip kind of guy…

  2. nancy sheridan says:

    Agility videos are a blast to watch. Also, I love hearing about how you extinguish the unwanted or unhelpful behaviors Chico has, not because they make life better for you as a human, but because I know you know that it makes life better for Chico. I appreciate that perspective.

  3. Michelle Cleveland says:

    Annie, I enjoy Chico and your travel stories. Your links to other blogs/sites are appreciated, too–teaches me how to be a better human with our cairn terriers.

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