Take the dog to work?

On July 4th, there was an interesting piece on NPR about dogs in the workplace. The story was prompted, it seems, by some new research:

“Lowering stress is just one of the positive benefits of dogs in the workplace, according to a recently published study from Virginia Commonwealth University.

“Study co-author Sandra Barker says dogs also make for a more satisfying work experience. ‘The vast majority of employees listed positive things about the dogs: that they reduced stress, that they made them feel more comfortable [and] they contributed to their communication,’ Barker says.”

I love it when there’s data to back up what I think and feel.

I’m lucky enough to work from home, and Chico has gotten pretty good at going to meetings. He goes to marketing committee meetings:

Is Chico wishing he knew how to play Angry Birds to pass the time while we work?

I’d argue that we benefit greatly from having animals in our lives and that there’s no reason a well behaved dog can’t go to the office. I suppose those with dog allergies would argue with me, but surely there’s a way to accommodate their disability.

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