I’m here, Chico’s there…

I’m back in Washington, DC, visiting my father. Chico is in Pennsylvania with his friends Harley and Flossie.

I’m staying with my friend N and her newly moved in beau, L, and their respective doggies.

This is Bella. She was here first. She’s twelve and quite reserved.

This is Zoe. She’s much younger, more energetic, and pretty pushy about attention and play. And I just reminded her that her humans prefer she not be on the nice rug she is on.

Chico was going to come with me, but this is a complicated situation, Zoe lives somewhere else part of the time, and she and Bella are just getting to know each other. We all think adding Chico to the mix would have made a lot of work for all three humans and all three dogs. Maybe next time things will work out differently. It’s interesting to be in this situation because some days I’d like a second dog and it’s good to experience this integration process. Gives me more information as I ask myself if it’s the right thing for me and Chico.

I’ll go get Chico on Friday, and on Saturday we start two days of agility competition in Westfield, Mass.

I’ll let y’all know how we do, and try to get some video, so stay tuned.

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