New ID tag

I’ve been meaning to get Chico a new ID tag, one with my cell number on it in addition to my home number. I originally got an ID tag for him when I still thought I was just fostering him. Two and a half years later, I realize that we travel so much that it is really time to make the contact update.
I went to the Freyburg Fair this week and found Silver Paw tags. Designed by a dog-loving jeweler, and made of stainless steel, they are great functional art. And I got one for Chico. And I’m having the devil’s own time getting a picture of it, so please click here to go the Silver Paw site and see the model that now hangs from Chico’s collar.


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1 Response to New ID tag

  1. Love her work. Made to last, local, won’t make marks on the light colored dog fur. It’s all good.

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