Happy Halloween

Last Saturday Chico and I went to a canine Halloween party at local boarding/grooming/doggie daycare “pet resort” Karla’s Pet Rendez Vous. I purposely arrived late to miss the majority of other guests but still have a chance to socialize a little. No disasters, but I’m pretty sure Chico didn’t have a very good time. This is a place where he has been boarded and my take is that he was afraid he was going to be left again.

To join in the spirit, we did a costume: skateboarder with a broken wrist. Another cut paw last week, so he was wrapped up already and I just went from there.
But look at how unhappy and anxious he is to have me step as far away as behind the photographer.

They had games, like bobbing for hot dogs, which sounds to me like a whole lottta doggie fun, yet Chico was distinctly uninterested. He was waaaay to nervous to eat. Look at the poor guy – panting, eyes fixed on me, located in the safest place he knows – right between my legs.

It was worth a try, and it pushed Chico’s envelope, and maybe next time it will be easier for him. And we got a spooky Halloween cookie and a certificate for a free use of Karla’s self-serve dog wash.

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