October visit to Eva’s, part one

Chico and I went to visit my cousin Eva on her farm last month.

Driving down her road, you pass this sign:

I’ve always loved it.

On arrival we took a little walk down the road. Even though it’s fall, they’re still busy sowing crops.

That’s Ashley, scatter-sowing peas for pea greens.

It’s just beautiful.

I was a little hungry, so I went exploring for something to munch on.

Ah, here’s the fig tree, looking a bit frost kissed.

And here are some ripe figs – just what I needed.

It was a short visit, arriving Friday afternoon and leaving Sunday morning, but it was better than not going at all.

Saturday was kind of foggy and drippy, making it unappealing for walking – a perfect time to take the reactive dog to the dog beach. Less chance of running into other humans or canines.

One last beach rose.

Sniffin’ the ocean breezes.

Ready to move on towards the shoreline.

We saw a lot of cool things:

Think the seabirds drop clams here to crack them?

It’s a mosaic.

As the waves recede, the stones roll over each other and make the most charming sound.

On the way home we passed those towers again and I got the shot of the morning:

Happy dog, great graffiti…

More about the trip in the next post. Please stay tuned to this channel…

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2 Responses to October visit to Eva’s, part one

  1. Rachel says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous post! The grey light is so magical….

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