Dreaming of a road trip

Are you packing for a road trip?

I have to go to San Francisco this winter (I know, poor me) and I’m dreaming of making it a road trip, a grand and giant field trip for Chico and me. That may not be practical, and what plays out no doubt will be revealed here, but I did google “drive cross country with my dog” recently.

One of the top results was a Washington Post article from 2009 that makes the idea sound not quite as insane as I first thought. Not simple, but possible. The writer is a realist, and offers a top ten list of things she learned, cheerfully assuring readers in the final one that “at least 10 percent of your drive will be wretched.” But she’s done it twice, and had, overall, a wonderful time.

Still, January might not be the easiest time of year for such a journey, that’s worth taking into consideration.


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6 Responses to Dreaming of a road trip

  1. Nancy Sheridan says:

    Take me. I could get my doc to say its medically necessary (not) Back to sleep now

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  2. Barbara D says:

    Hi, Annie. I’ve driven across country many times with dogs. It was great fun. Depends on the dog, of course. And the various humans too, for that matter.
    Keep us posted!

  3. Deborah O. says:

    Annie, swing on up to Portland on your way home. My cat doesn’t know this but I’ve been thinking about getting a dog someday (don’t know how soon). Would love to meet Chico and see you too, of course.

  4. Dan says:

    Hi Annie. It wasn’t cross-country but we took our dog Merlin to South Carolina this summer – 9 hours down (because of road work) and 7 hours back. He’s an old guy (13 years) but we put his bed on the back seat and he just snoozed pretty much the whole time.

    • annieriecken says:

      Oh Dan, Chico goes to DC with me, so we can do a long day (12 hrs) in the car, but one after another and another, and finding hotels along the way and January snow/ice storms…..it just might not be the right time.

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