And still more things to appreciate

My Thanksgiving weekend was spent at Eva’s garden, where we’re lucky enough to be able to take lots of off leash walks, eat good food, and breathe nice clean ocean air. The very best thing that happened to Chico this weekend happened when I was without my camera, and I most likely would have missed it anyhow; so, if I’m able, I’ll paint a picture with words.

Eva was going to visit many members of a large family she knows in her neighborhood. They live down a long driveway, off a quiet dirt road, so Chico and I walked the last mile or so to the house. It’s a doors open, come on in kind of place, so we did. After about ten minutes a little Shih Tzu-type, dust mop of a dog, surfaced and came wandering over to Chico. Chico was fine, not super friendly, but fine. This is what I interpret from what I saw happen almost before I knew what was happening, the dog was pretty meek and she backed off from Chico pretty fast, but there was no discernible – to me- tension between them, and certainly no nasty stuff. Yay.

And on the way home from Eva’s, we passed this doggie daycare place, right on the side of Route 1 north of Boston:

It makes me so happy that this is not the best alternative for where my dog spends his days.

I’m sure the dogs are safe, and well cared for, and it beats being home alone all day, but my dog and I are both much happier living on less and being out of the city.

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1 Response to And still more things to appreciate

  1. nancy Sheridan says:

    Annie, the description of Chico getting along with that little dog, no teeth/posturing is pretty amazing. Just goes to show, the more practice the more socially effective he becomes!!

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