Video of our runs from the trial in Sacramento, CA in, ahem, March of this year.


which was in many parts kind of a disaster, but the closing was very nice.

The Jumpers run was the one where I missed the chance to walk the course before we ran and thought we did pretty awful, but still had a qualifying run. In retrospect, it’s not as ugly looking as it felt at the time.

Here it is:

It shows that he’s looking to me for direction. The rear cross at the weave poles in this run almost threw him off, but he recovered. That’s my boy! Doing his best to understand what I want, then giving it to me. When I look at the standard run, there’s a place where Chico comes off the dog walk and goes up the A-frame instead of through the tunnel, but when I look, in managing his descent (where he was poised to leap over the yellow ‘contact zone’ that he must touch on his way off the dog walk) I had gotten myself off course, I was no longer headed right for the tunnel, I was angled more towards the A-frame. He just did what I told him to.

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