Exhaustion and Emily the Pitbull

Caesar Milan practices the opposite of positive dog training. The video turns my stomach, but the chart explains why Chico can’t hear me call his name when he’s all riled up by an approaching dog.

Science and Dogs

Understanding animal behavior often requires knowledge of physiology. Without an adequate knowledge of involved processes, less informed dog trainers resort to story-telling involving “energies”, “magnetism” and “submissiveness”.

Case in point, Emily the pitbull; here Cesar Millan mistakes physical exhaustion – and probably hypoxia from the leash on the trachea – with submissiveness and relief.

For 8 more seasons Millan would continue to induce a state of hyperarousal, fight the dogs into exhaustion and then declare he had achieved “calm submission.” The trend has continued into his new show, Leader of the Pack.

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