A little video from this weekend’s trial

Chico and I went to Shelburne, Vermont for an AKC agility trial organized by the Green Mountain Golden Retriever Club. We had lots of fun, we had good runs, but we didn’t get Q’s. After my Standard run on Sunday, a very nice man came and asked me why I didn’t repeat obstacle 4 because if I had, I would have had a qualifying run. “Oh,” I said, “I guess I didn’t know that my dog missed number 4.” So, now I’m faced with learning how to look ahead of me so I go the right way while keeping an eye on my dog behind me. Lots of people do it, how hard can it be?

I have, right now, the beginning of our Jumpers run on Friday. Chico misses an obstacle at the start and I’m not looking at him, so I don’t realize it. And this video also shows Chico doing the slowest weave poles I’ve ever seen him do. But he did ’em for me, so I told him he won the class and got him an ice cream.

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1 Response to A little video from this weekend’s trial

  1. Nancy Tripp says:

    Layla hears the barking and is running around the living room looking for puppies……..So blonde!

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