AKC in Vermont – Time to Beat

The weekend after my fall, we went to Shelburne, Vermont for an AKC trial. My classmate Alice had told me how nice a facility it was, and how much fun she had there, so I decided to go. The trial is indoors, in a big sports hall with a nice footing. There’s plenty of room for dog crates, so we could be inside in the shade, and Alice and Donna invited us to crate near them, so it was quite cozy.

We had no qualifying runs, all weekend, but the hosting club ran a special raffle that you enter by dropping your score sheet from an NQ run into a box. I didn’t win anything, but it’s a nice gesture.

On Friday, we had three runs, Time to Beat, Jumpers, and Standard. Here’s the Time to Beat run:

Off course several times, but he did great on his weave poles, which have presented a challenge in competition (though not at home, of course), and he made contact with the yellow zone on the A-Frame, also a problem in competition because we get going too fast and he launches off as soon as the ground looks close. So, I’m quite pleased with this.

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