Chico and I are reunited

Actually, we have been back together for a couple weeks, but it’s taking me time to catch up with everything.


Julie had taken him from my house to hers when I was leaving, and she came here with him a few times while I was gone – to pick my tomatoes and kale, and to show him that I was really gone. She also brought him back here for me (have ever I mentioned how great it is to live so close to our coach? Well, it IS.) when I came home. He got out of the car, looked around, saw me and came running over to lick my face, then he raced into the house and back out, licked my face again before he raced up the back road, spun a couple quick circles, ran back, licked me again, raced in the house and back out and repeated the whole thing twice more. It was very cute.

We’re getting into our routine again, but I have noticed several changes in Chico that I just love. He finishes his dinner with gusto, no more picky eater. He’ll snack on a carrot. He’s much better at walking next to me on the leash without pulling. My homework is self-control games: waiting while I hold a treat in front of his nose, waiting while I open and shut and open and shut the door when he wants out; and multitasking: sitting or lying down while we are moving together.

While I was away, Chico competed in a trial, with Julie handling him, and I hear there is some video of that available. I’m eager to see how he did, and if my data-wrangling skills are up to it, I’ll get them shared here.

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1 Response to Chico and I are reunited

  1. Nancy Sheridan says:

    What a lovely reunion. Dogs really know how to show love!

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