While I was gone,

Chico got to run in an agility trial with Julie as his handler. It’s so cool to see him work with someone else, to see him do such a good job, and to see how Julie handles his refusal at the weave poles.

The refusal at the weave poles means that he will not have a qualifying run. The ability  to weave like a maniac at home and then be unable to get the poles at a trial is common among dogs. And Chico has that little problem. So, what Julie does is make the weave poles into the funnest thing in the world. Look how she jumps up and down in excitement as he reverses and weaves backwards.  Going the wrong direction through the weaves is a “bad thing” for competition, but what Julie wants is for Chico to think that doing the weaves at all under the pressure of competition is just the greatest thing in the world.

See how Chico’s tail is wagging at the very end of the run, while Julie is putting his leash on? That’s a dog who is having fun. And making Chico’s life a better place is very important to me.

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