A small confession

The truth, dear readers, is that my blog is about a month behind my real life. After the week in Camptonville, Chico and I came to Santa Cruz and it has taken me almost a month to get settled in a comfortable spot. In the intervening weeks, I have learned that while camping is fun, I do not choose to live in a travel trailer. Chico and I have visited family and friends; we took a really fun private lesson from agility coach Sandy Rogers of ACE Dog Sports in San Francisco, and a tricks for agility class there too. We played agility at Heart Dog Agility in Ben Lomond at a fun match. And we have searched and searched, with mixed success, for places where Chico can run off leash.

Please stay tuned for longer posts, with pictures, coming soon to a screen near you.

WordPress helpfully tells me that this is my 250th post. I guess I did have something to say.

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