Route 6 adventures in Nevada and Utah

On this trip I took a lot of pictures on multiple devices (I see room for improvement in my image recording and filing protocols) and I am finding whole sections of the trip that got missed when I posted about Ely to Grand Junction. I present some more highlights of my drive.

Nevada had the coolest “cows on the open range” road signs. In all the other states we visited, the cow on the sign resembled a dairy cow. Not in Nevada:

Is it "Ferdinand the Bull" or what?

Is it “Ferdinand the Bull” or what?

We crossed and re-crossed the route of the Pony Express.

The enterprise only existed for a year and a half yet it is such an American cultural icon.

The enterprise only existed for a year and a half yet it became such an American cultural icon.

The old way station was across the highway, the rest stop was a nice place for a stroll and some de-watering on both our parts.


Pony Express 3

We came across some salt flats in Utah:

Utah PanoramaAnd this place was out there somewhere on 6/50 on Nevada:


Custom butchering.

And so much more.

And artistic metal and horn work.

Artistic metal and antler work.

And this amazing antler gate:

Antler Place 3

There’s so much to see in this nation. The least interesting bits are almost always the closest to the interstate highway system. The slightly weird and, to me at least, most interesting stuff is in the middle of nowhere, on the side of a smaller highway. I’m quite happy to see interesting things and have the trip be a day or two longer. And lucky enough to have the time to do it that way.

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