Field trip!

Today Chico and I are headed for one of our favorite early summer events: the Cape Cod Kennel Club sponsored AKC agility trial at the Barnstable County Fairgrounds and a multi-day visit to my cousin Eva.

We always have fun at Eva’s* and the Cape Cod trial has been loads of fun for the last two years. Back when I was sure that I could resist the agility-addiction and had a rule against traveling for trials, I tried Cape Cod because we could also visit Eva. It was the furthest we’d been from home for a trial, it was the biggest trial we’d been to, and Chico and I did great, people were nice, I won several prizes in the worker raffle, the weather was nice . . . I was hooked on the event.

So, off we go. I signed us up for two classes Friday (FAST and Time 2 Beat) and three on Sunday (Standard, Jumpers, and Time 2 Beat). I’m hoping to remember courses at the excellent level, and whether I do or not, I’m hoping that Chico can get his weave poles away from home. And I know that at Eva’s we’ll eat wonderful food, work in the gardens, and do at least ten things we’ve never done before because it’s always like that when one goes to visit Eva.

* Some past posts about Eva’s include

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1 Response to Field trip!

  1. kcvachon says:

    I hope you and Chico have a wonderful time!

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