Agility Club of NH Jumpers run

Here’s video of our other run from a week ago Sunday. It’s the first run of the day and Chico is raring to go – in fact I think you can hear me think out loud, as Chico goes through the tunnel, “Holy crap, I’ve got a fast dog today.” He attacks the weave poles with vigor, but incorrectly – he’s required to enter with the first pole on his left shoulder and he goes at it from the other side, but I should have been behind him, not in front of him – and he didn’t complete them, but he was happier about the whole thing than he’d been at a trial in ages. I flub up the handling pretty well at the end, but there are parts of the run that are quite satisfying. So we’ll do it again somewhere else, some other weekend. Like next weekend in the “baby ring” at USDAA regional finals. Nice that they make room for those of us not in contention for the nationals.

Anyhow, here’s my speedy dawg:

Thanks to Paws in Action for doing the recording.

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