Approaching 300

This is post number 298 for Can I Bring the Dog dot com. As I approach post 300, there has been a big increase in readership. At least, that’s what WordPress’s stats page tells me. It looks like some new readers have found us and have been catching up by reading lots of the archived pages.

Full flight Chico 10-28-11

Welcome! It’s so nice that you are interested in Chico and the story of him becoming a dog who can go places with me. I hope you stick around to see how the story keeps developing, because Chico and I are in this for the long haul and until I get bored with him (which I anticipate being… oh, say, sometime around never), I’ll likely keep blathering on about us.

I was no dog trainer when this started, I read a lot, I lucked into good help when I met Julie Daniels the first time out looking for a trainer, and I wanted this dog to make it in the world. I hope that Chico’s story can show the world that with support, just about any klutz (which I am) can made a nut case (which Chico was when he came to me) into a dog you can live with.

Please feel free to use the comments to let me know what that I write about interests you, and also what doesn’t.

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