It smells so good

The fields around my house are being mowed, acres of them, and the warm air coming into my house in the evening smells deliciously of fresh cut hay. It’s such a treat to have open windows this time of year.

Chico and I walked down the hill to the wooded back road into the fields across the road. At the corner I encountered a lovely mushroom.

It looks so clean.

It looks so clean.

Since this field was just cut, the flowers were still fresh looking.

IMG_20140811_093123_839 (1)

The freshly cut grass seemed to provide almost endless olfactory entertainment for a canine. Chico spent his time alternating between sniffing,

That’s Chico with his nose buried in the grass.

and running.

IMG_20140811_093218_179 (1)

It was a great walk, in a place we don’t go often enough, that’s right close by. It’s where one of my favorite Chico pictures was taken, several years back, after an early snow.

Full flight Chico 10-28-11

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