And here’s something even cooler than a new title

At one point during yesterday’s agility trial, Chico and I were hanging out at the back of the arena space. I was sitting on a low perch, Chico sprawled at my feet, just kind of watching the goings on. Someone complimented me on how calm he was.

That’s Chico the crazy dog. Complimented for being calm. How cool is that?

Admittedly, she also asked how old he is, so his years are showing, and time has mellowed him like it does many of us. In that time, the number of places he’s been with me, the things he’s seen, makes him take more things in stride. And he was happy to be with me inside where the action is, rather than in the crate in the car, where he also spends a lot of time on a trial day (both with and without me in the car too).

It's a lovely ribbon, that "new title" ribbon. Big and shiny.

It’s a lovely ribbon, that “new title” ribbon. Big and shiny.

The dog, as you can see, has no idea what I am so excited about.

P1030498 P1030500 P1030496Being canine, he’s more interested in the sounds coming through the wall from the grooming room.

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1 Response to And here’s something even cooler than a new title

  1. Congratulations! Chico is amazing. You are pretty great yourself. Keep the posts coming.

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