A goal achieved

Yesterday at an Agility Club of New Hampshire trial at American K9 Country, Chico and I had our first qualifying run at the Masters level in AKC agility. It was a jumpers course, first thing in the morning. I had a little argument with my guts and end up leaving an hour an a quarter after I intended to, arriving at the trial just as the 16 inch-jumping dogs were allowed onto the course to walk it.

No time to look at a map, I just went and walked it by the numbers, like I would at class or run-thrus, went and got my dog, let him do bathroom business, and went and ran. It was a beautiful thing, start to finish. My plan for me and my dog, not influenced by anyone else’s plan.

And it worked. Like a charm. We were the only team in our class to get a Q, so not only did we get our first Q at this level, but it came with a pretty blue ribbon. Did I have a latte at the Last Scoop on the way home? Yes. Did I buy Chico a “pup cup” of ice cream there? Yes. Will I post a picture of the ribbon? Probably not, but I might buy the video of the run so I can share it with you.

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