Exit 46 off I95 in Connecticut

Interstate 95, I95, along the eastern seaboard is a road that pretty much plain old stinks for driving, if you ask me. Traffic, cities, construction; delay, delay, delay. Just south of New Haven, at exit 46, are a few things that almost redeem this unpleasant section of the US interstate highway system. The Long Wharf food trucks (google it). A wildlife area. A memorial for people who fought in  Vietnam. An IKEA.

For me, these food trucks are the closest place to home (that I know) to get a really good taco. When passing by, I stop in if I can muster any appetite at all. This was a three day trip to the area, with agility on Saturday and Monday. On Sunday, I headed for tacos, an off leash walk, and a little kitchen cabinet perusing.

My two tacos ($1.50 each; one lengua and one carne asada) were so delightful and came so fast (before I could put away my change) that they disappeared before I even thought about a picture. The same for the churro in which I indulged. And, appropriately, Chico likes churros.

Then we went for a walk in the nature area. Marsh land, right by the water, room for a dog to sniff and wander.

Marsh land, right by the water, room for a dog to sniff and wander.

But when I turn around,

I 95 is right there.

I 95 is right there.

The place is beautiful, despite some trash.


They make a matted path.

The flattened rushes make a matted path.

There was room for Chico to have an attack of the zoomies. I only caught the very last of it, but here it is:

The shoreline showed good bio diversity – clams, scallops, mussels, and oysters were all represented in the shells. To me, that’s a sign of clean water. And that’s a good sign.

Broken shells and goose poop. That’s my main memory of the war memorial. The pavement near the monument is a great place for a gull to drop-smash a clam for easy eating.

IKEA is about to make a complete change over from one kitchen cabinet system to another, and what I found at the store was large sections of the kitchen section closed off with drapes, like when a museum is setting a new exhibit, and a paltry selection of the old style cabinets. So, I guess I won’t be making any decisions in that area for a while. The new line of cabinets becomes available February 2, one presumes that the wraps will be dropped that day and kitchen shopping can begin.

It was a lovely break in a weekend of long days (on Saturday, I arrived at the trial at 6:45 AM, left at 8:45 PM, and was not one of the last to run), and I learned that when I go kitchen shopping, it will be a some off time when no one else is at IKEA. Sunday afternoon after christmas is not such a time.

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