Oh dear, where did Can I Bring the Dog get to?

Last week I went on a trip where there was, for all practical purposes, no internet available to me. Chico stayed with Julie and her dogs, and some other board and train visiting dogs.

I heard by text that when a reactive, scared, dog showed up for board and train, Chico appointed himself Household Ambassador and welcomed the new guy with (as it were) open arms.  Julie said Chico’s behavior said: “Hey, you’re new here – let me show you around.”  That news just plain . . . Made. My. Day.

Chico also cut his leg on Friday and the next morning tried to convince Julie that he was dying, hopping around on three legs . . . until she opened a can of his favorite food and asked him to follow the spoonfuls to both sides, then a few steps, then around the room . . . suddenly he was miraculously healed, able to bear weight on all four feet and to walk just fine.

So we’re watching it.

Me, I spent last week on the aging cruise ship Norwegian Pearl, listening to as much as I could of about forty different performers who were on stage for a floating music festival called Cayamo. My first cruise, and last for, well, quite a while because “never” is a very long time and I don’t want to be too strong, but the cruising part of it didn’t quite fit – it rubbed at me in a few place like shoes that were a bad decision. The trip was with my wonderful cousin Lisa (read about my visit to her house in San Diego two winters ago here and here), so it was impossible for me to not have fun; and the music was fantastic. And a week without long-johns or dirty dishes to do; what’s not to like?

We stopped on Saint Barts and Saint Croix for a few hours each.

I saw one little fluffy dog on St. Barts and no dogs at all on St. Croix, but I did see this bar on St. Croix.

P1030612Anyhow, we’re all at our respective homes now, there’s a big snow predicted for tomorrow, the work on my house has started, and I’m hoping Chico’s injury is better enough by Friday for us to play USDAA down in Manchester. And that the weather permits – they’re speaking of more snow for Friday, so the leg might not be an issue. The power company called to say I ought to expect to lose power this storm, so I’m off to fill the bathtub with flushing water.


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