My wonderful dog is hurt

On Saturday morning I woke up all happy and proud for Chico and excited to go back and do more ‘gilities the next day. It was not to be. Chico could hardly stand up, he couldn’t manage the stairs, he was very, very ouchie. An email to our agility-classmate-who-is-also-a-vet Amanda Rizner confirmed that rest, ice, and arnica would all help. That evening Chico told me his shoulder didn’t hurt at all and it was his foot that hurt. The next morning he woke up feeling sore, but suddenly rose from his bed to run outside and bark at nothing in the woods and then wanted a walk, but then was sore, but then wanted to play tug. And he asked me if I was crazy for asking if his foot still hurt.

Doctor Amanda was in her office on Sunday afternoon, so we went in. It’s a bad muscle pull in what would be his armpit if his front leg was an arm. So, try to limit his activity as much as possible and wait for it to heal. We’ll have to find other outlets for his energy. Time to learn a new trick or two, gotta keep that boy busy.

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  1. riverdogfarm says:

    Sending positive thoughts to Chico!

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