Another weather vs. agility trial situation

This is starting to feel awfully familiar…snow is predicted to come sometime this afternoon and last until early morning (the most snowfall is predicted for 4 PM until 2 AM). We need to be an hour and a half away at 7:30 AM tomorrow to play USDAA games.

Pack for an overnight for me and the dog, drive this afternoon, arriving around dark at 6, move in to the room, spend the evening in a motel room, tempted by cable TV, get up at 6 and move back out of the room and drive to the trial…or spend the afternoon practicing tricks, sleep in my own bed tonight, and drive early tomorrow morning. Either way I am driving in snow, and there will be fewer folks on the road with me at 6 on Sunday morning than at 5 on Saturday evening.

And if I am late and miss my first class, there are still three classes for us after that. If it’s crappy at 6, and I’m going to miss Jumpers, there’s a big break between our Jumpers class and our next class, big enough that I can stay home until about 8 AM, driving the whole way in daylight.

At least, that’s what I am thinking at eight in the morning on Saturday.




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