Sounds like fun, let’s go!

Vermont based agility club NOMAD is having a three day trial in this summer. Held at the Trapp Family Lodge. The singing von Trapp family of Sound of Music fame moved to Vermont when they left Austira and settled in Vermont. Twenty-something years ago I worked on a dude ranch with one of the granddaughters and I guess I have always wanted a reason to go visit the place.

But I am pretty sure we won’t be staying there. Rooms seem to be about $275 a night. That times several nights equals a LOT of entry fees. It’s a tourist area, but that is shoulder season, there must be more reasonably priced accommodation.

Or maybe that is the weekend I try renting a small camper van. I keep meaning to do that.

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2 Responses to Sounds like fun, let’s go!

  1. riverdogfarm says:

    It’s a great trial and the best scenery!!!! There are lower priced accommodations and camping is right at the site!!!

  2. annieriecken says:

    Might be time to take the tent out for some exercise!

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