Toss it

Julie has been video recording a lot of our runs lately, the good ones, the bad ones – who knows going in. But here’s the cool thing she does – after you watch the “bad” one…she erases it. It’s over, you know what to work on, you don’t need to reinforce the wrong by watching it over and over; disappear it.

I like it.

In that spirit, I’d like to stick to saving here only videos about which I have good things to say. So, here’s our Performance Speed Jumping run from a couple weeks ago. There was some tricky handling in the back and while I bought myself a refusal (he went past the intended jump), I didn’t get an off course (he didn’t take a different jump instead of the intended one). But the very best thing is the vigor with which Chico finally attacks the weaves on that second time through them.

Refusals don’t count, as long as you can get through the course and are faster than X percent of the dogs in the class, you get a Q, which we did. That means we have two PSJ Qs in our pocket now, and while we need lots of practice to actually be competitive there, we are now entitled to go try our luck at Cynosport this October. So, that’s cool, happened a lot sooner than I thought.

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