Postcard from the weekend

On Saturday I learned that it isn’t possible, at least for us, to look at a wood stove in northwestern Vermont and also run agility in northwestern Massachusetts on the same day. It looked so much closer on the map, really it did.

On Sunday, we actually made it to the trial we thought we were headed for on Saturday. And I almost managed to walk the Standard and PSJ courses*, but Chico had a tummy emergency that pretty much ate up the walk time. Chico had two, no, three (though one was not “perfect”), sets of great weave poles in the ring; and some great adventures (three different times!) socializing successfully with other dogs outside the ring. I walked, according to my FitBit, almost eight miles and won a certificate for one free class in the worker raffle. Whatever we did today, and I don’t think it was the ring time, made Chico very, very tired. He slept, flat out on the front seat of the truck, almost all the way home. Like this:



*At a well subscribed event like the one today competitors walk a couple different courses in groups and then run in groups. It’s a little complicated and details don’t really matter to the general reader, the point is that I had fifteen minutes to look at the two courses (or a map) and I spent that fifteen minutes tending to my dog’s needs, so once again managed to run without walking. Sigh. Someday we’ll get this right.

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