Coming and going

…and never quite sure which one at any given time. Chico and I took two weekends off from agility; later this week we’ll go to Stowe, Vermont for an event organized by Northern Agility Magic Dogs – NOMAD. It’s held at the Trapp Family Lodge – yes, the singing Von Trapps of The Sound of Music are a real family, and they have a lodge in Stowe, and one of them does agility, and so the family hosts a big agility trial every year at the lodge. We’ll be camping, and trying a team game where we and another handler and her dog combine our scores over five classes to make a team that is competing against other teams. Once again, we might be in over our heads, they won’t be easy courses, but I decided months ago that this was the time and place to give it a shot. And Cheryl Killam and her dog Whitney are gonna take the chance and tie their fate (for a few hours, in a small way) to ours. I’m so excited, it almost feels like nervous.

The house is moving along. The last windows went in last week.

The west side of the house, last to get new windows.

The west side of the house, last to get new windows.

Now things are really moving at a good clip. In the next couple weeks the heating contractor, electrician, plumber, and probably other sub-contractors I don’t even know about yet, will start to come on to the job. For months it was Tim and Jake building my house, now their colleague Ash has come off other jobs and is working on my house. That’s 50% more labor being applied to the job every day. It looks like I will get to move in before the leaves fall.

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2 Responses to Coming and going

  1. riverdogfarm says:

    See you in VT!

  2. annieriecken says:

    Looking forward to it!

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