Only one run so far


We’re doing our best to stay cool and relaxed, but it’s late in the day and we’ve had only one trip to the ring together.  I worked the first class of the day and could hear Chico barking pretty much the whole time. He’s had a Reiki treatment and a couple naps, but he seems exhausted and is pretty unwilling to enter his crate, pen, or pop up dog house. Which he needs to do twice more this afternoon if I want to walk the two remaining courses we’ll face.
Or I could go get a Trapp Family lager from the keg, relax with my dog, and run without walking.  At this point in the weekend,  that seems to be a reasonable plan.
My partner for team was asked to run with another dog that needed a teammate,  a dog with better prospects for qualifying than we have, and I released her from our “bond.” The trial secretary asked me my goals and I said I was happy to run the courses as best as we could, on our own, and let Cheryl have a better chance of sucess. So I get to have fun with Chico,  Cheryl gets to have a more suitable partner,  everybody wins.
Bow, if we have some great weaves, I can yell “cookies!!” and run out of the ring without letting anyone down.

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