On Stuffies

For the last couple years Chico has had a series of stuffed children’s toys, usually a doggie, to amuse him. They are all called “Stuffie.” He’s quite fond of them, literally loving them to death. Chico sleeps with Stuffie, he licks Stuffie, he tosses Stuffie in the air and then tries to dismember it – eventually he does and a new one comes, and sometimes, he takes Stuffie places with us.

Last week, Stuffie came on our walk.

Like this.

Like this.

Chico carried Stuffie waaay down the road, and then all the way back home too.

This little video sows him saying that we have gone far enough and it is time to go home again.

It’s interesting to me because he doesn’t do it with any of his other toys. I want it to mean something, but it probably doesn’t, and if I think it does, it’s probably just my brain being too busy. Right?


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