This is Lucy



Lucy (aka Something or Other Kennel’s Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, aka Lucille Marie when she’s bad) is part of a litter of collies that were planned and conceived just before the breeder was diagnosed with some awful and terminal disease. My friend Kathryn is a collie breeder and she, like some other breeders, agreed to take one of the puppies. Kathryn also has two puppies about the same age, around 8 months, and all her other collies, so poor Lucy isn’t having much training.

I on the other hand am interested in training another dog, and in seeing if Chico can live with a second, younger, dog in the house. When Julie suggested I borrow Lucy for a while I perked right up; Kathryn was amenable, I’m interested, and we’ll see what Chico thinks when Lucy comes to stay next month. Chico met Lucy at a Labor Day picnic at Julie’s, and he didn’t hate her, and she didn’t immediately want to rough house . . . there’s a good chance this will work out well for all of us.

It’ll be interesting, and maybe hard to get pictures, but I’ll keep you posted.

2015-9-26  Lucy 2

Isn’t she pretty? Hope I can keep her white in the white places!

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2 Responses to This is Lucy

  1. nancy says:

    Terrific! Fingers crossed!

  2. kcvachon says:

    New dog in the new house…. this will be a real test of Chico’s mellowness. No travel for you for the next few months! If you need Collie wisdom, my friend Peter Mehlin is a collie maven.

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