Lucy is here

Lucy came home from a puppy workshop at Julie’s new house yesterday. Kathryn brought her, and we took her home.

So far everything is peaceful. OK, there’s been a little grumping from Chico, but Lucy says “OK, your house, your rules.” She quickly grasped that “the couch is by invitation only for you” and if Chico is up there, he reinforces the message with his Billy Idol lip curl, which I am not in love with, but Lucy definitely respects.

Lucy’s happy in the kitchen, Chico in the living room, even with the barrier down. It is possible for them to lie so they can each see me, but not each other, and that seems to work for all of us.

Lucy seems to have come to us with a well started recall, but she’s on leash or a long line for now, the last thing I need to do is lose someone else’s dog, right?

Now off to try Chico’s and my luck at ALL Dogs Gym and some USDAA agility.

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