Brags on Chico

Several weeks ago, Chico and I finished his P1 title in Snooker; two weeks ago we managed to get thrown out of the ring because I touched him on course after getting flustered by something in the weave poles, AND finish his P2 Pairs title. Last weekend, we had only one run, Standard, and he was slow off the line, I heard the second jump go down (which, ahem, I ought to have seen, I was disconnected and maybe that’s why he knocked the bar), and thought, “OK, nothing to lose now, let’s go.” The weaves were toward the end of the course, with two or three jumps after. The first time we came to them, Chico blew right past them. I brought him back (we’re already not gonna Q) and tried again. He was brilliant. Fast and sure. I remembered to stay beside him until he finished the last poles, then I did something I have rehearsed in my head for months, I shouted “Good DOG! Cookies, cookies, cookies! Let’s get your cookies!” And ran out of the ring. The closing was pretty much straight ahead, he probably did the last three jumps, but I really don’t care, I was able to reward the weaves in competition. The time between finishing the weaves ad my declaring and delivering rewards was short enough that he was paid for the weaves, not for finishing the course. Hope he knows it.

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