Windy day walk


It was bitter cold and windy one day last week. Chico and I went over to White Lake to walk in the protection of the trees. There was someone kiteboarding on the frozen lake, taking advantage of the wind that we were hiding from. It sure looked like they were having fun, using that wind. It was just like sailing, tack upwind and then run back down.


Like I said, we were in the most sheltered spots I could find. But we got outside.
The lake is spring fed, and we saw a place where the inflow was slowly bubbling up through a hole in the ice. It was pretty neat.



This weekend Lucy was in the breed ring for the first time. Her coat was not up to snuff by collie standards, but they put her in anyhow so she could get some experience. She was a very good girl, she followed the handler just like she was supposed to, she let the judge touch her just like she supposed to, and she didn’t do a sit in the ring- just like she’s supposed to. And she was so happy to see me that she climbed all over me with licks and wags. But her coat was all fluffed up and stiff with hair spray and they trim her whiskers and all I wanted to do was take her for a swim and a run in some mud.
Both dogs and I have agility class on Wednesday,  with Julie, down at American K9 Country.  Chico is really very well trained, and it’s Annie who needs work, so we’re in and intermediate class where I get to work on skills and drills and Chico doesn’t have to jump very high or very much, & I will become a better handler. Lucy’s in a beginner class making sure that she really knows all the equipment before she learns all the fancy moves. She’s such an eager learner, so curious and confident, it’s very different from training Chico who was so fearful in the beginning. It’s a wonderful experience to get to work with a different dog. Especially such a sweet one.

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