Barn breakthrough


I’ve been riding a little bit more this summer, because I decided that the fact that Chico won’t even get out of the car at the horse barn can’t stop me from enjoying Dakota.
Today was the third time in 5 days that I’ve gone for a ride without Chico. When I got back and was putting the horse away, and the saddle away, etc., I opened up the crate and when I walked away from the car Chico hopped out and followed me.


He was cautious to say the least, but he helped me put Dakota back in the field and stayed out with me for the last 15 minutes of the visit.
I almost cried from happiness.
And just then our friends Ellen (human) and Maggie (canine) showed up to meet us, and all four of us went for a very nice hike in the woods. Then we sat around our cars and picked ticks off our dogs for a few minutes.
I had such a nice morning it was disappointing to remember that Monday is my vacuum-the-whole-house-at-once day.

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