Bonney and Tate had a date

We took a walk this morning with Tate, Simon, Quince, and their people.Chico and Simon, the elder statesmen, had a fine time, trotting at the rear of the group. Chico was very lively at the beach he ran, and played, and swam. He grows more comfortable in social settings all the time.

Tate and Bonney, the youngsters, spent most of the walk, a healthy hour, chasing each other and wrestling.

When we stopped by Tate’s house for a snack and a cup of tea after, Bonney wasn’t done, and neither was Tate.

Looks fierce, doesn't? It isn't.

Looks fierce, doesn’t? It isn’t. Look at Bonney’s eyes, she almost looks like she’s in an ecstatic trance state.

Love seeing them all wrapped up in each other, rasslin' in that doggie way.

Love seeing them all wrapped up in each other, rasslin’ in that doggie way.

Finally Tate had enough and took a nap. Not the Bonster. She tried repeatedly to rouse him, then finally went outside to watch whatever dogs watch.

Now I have two very tired dogs sleeping by me; one to either side.


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