Road trip for a Bonney-based activity

Later in the week we’re packing up and heading to Maryland to a “gathering” of English Shepherds (and their people) being held this Saturday. It sounds interesting, and what could it hurt to meet other ESs and their people? I’m sure there will be lots of information passed around – some of it applicable to us, lots of dog play, some food, and probably something useful will come of it.

And I get to see my sister, my niece, and our friends Kathy and Ben. Long time readers may remember Ben, his opening gambit with Chico, years ago, was to offer steak. To this day Chico is pretty sure Ben is God, or at least he ranks right up there.

It sounds like an event that will require lots of photos. I’ll work on that.


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1 Response to Road trip for a Bonney-based activity

  1. riverdogfarm says:

    Have a great time!

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