We love walking by water

The other day, Bonney must have gone about a quarter of a mile in the water, mostly, of Mill Brook. She hops from rock to rock, wades a bit, hops again, jumps up on the bank and has the zoomies. When the water is too deep, she pulls back and finds another way forward.

(Please excuse my little noises, I’m on uneven ground and not able to see where I’m stepping)

Chico also loves wading, though he’s not as much of a rock hopper.

Bonney is so adventurous, she never fails to impress me:

I keep seeing interesting fungal growths.

This was a giant thing. Looks a bit like spray-in foam insulation.

This is called “chicken of the woods” or “sulfur shelf” and I’ve never seen it in the woods before, only in the bags of fungus collectors.

One mushroom, two rocks. It popped up right there – Nature has a fantastic sense of composition.

So, that’s what I strive to do every day (along with all the “real” things one has to do every day) – walk the woods in a place where my dogs can enjoy themselves and notice some of the details of the picture that is painted all around me.


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