We went to herding camp …

and all I have in the way of pictures is this one of Chico working on his sensitivity to larger, unfamiliar dogs.He’s looking a little nervous because I walked away to take the picture, but he’s still where I asked him to be. He’s not barking at the GSD through the fence. This is huge for my guy.

And Miss B – she learned that calm, focused attention was what allowed her to get closer to the sheep. When we got there, if we were within 150 feet of sheep, she was at the end of the line and I may as well not have existed.

Two weeks later, she could follow me through an empty pasture when there were sheep in a neighboring field; she could walk slowly towards three sheep from fifty feet away and stop when asked to, no tugs on a leash (yes, a drag line on the ground, but I wasn’t holding it, it was serving as an emergency brake) – up to a distance of thirty feet from the sheep. And she happily left the arena of sheep with me when told “That’ll do.”

I got to help worm sheep. I got to help move sheep. I learned how to sing to sheep. And I got to feed granola bars to Xander, the camel that defends the sheep from predators. Sadly, the image of Xander is only stored in my google photos, which seems very unwilling to share the image. Please click on the link below:



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2 Responses to We went to herding camp …

  1. riverdogfarm says:

    Sounds like you and dogs had a fun time! Sorry link does not work for me.

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