Run Throughs December 15

Chico and I are going to try an agility competition tomorrow. I am astoundingly non-competitive, so this is a big step for me and I swear I am only doing it so the dog can have the experience. This will be an easy course, and he is entered in the “preferred” section (that means he can jump at a lower height than is specified by his size), we’re doing this to see if he can concentrate on me and my handling when we go do agility in a different place with all sorts of new distractions.

A number of my fellow students are participating in the same event, so Julie scheduled a practice session, “run throughs,”  for us the other night.

2011-12-15 run throughs video at YouTube.

Chico did great at run throughs and I’m really excited to see how it goes tomorrow.

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1 Response to Run Throughs December 15

  1. nancy sheridan says:

    You two earn a blue ribbon!! What progress. I love seeing him run the weave poles! And I just saw the one of you, Chico and Dakota (and Zena) going for a ride for the first time. Oh Dakota….I love that horse.

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