Yesterday’s adventure

As I said on Saturday, on Sunday Chico and I were entered in a real, AKC sanctioned, agility trial.  Since I am in this to give him exposure to a wider world to help him develop poise under pressure, not to win prizes; and since higher jumps add stress to an already stressful situation, we competed in the novice division, at a “preferred” height. That means that instead of a course of jumps set at 20 inches, Chico got to jump things that were 16 inches high.

He was a star, all day. He willingly went into his crate to wait until it was time for a walk or to run in the ring. He was tolerant of other dogs all day, he was happy to see people he knew from classes and he pretty much completely listened to me in the ring. I misdirected him once or twice, but all in all, I rate the day a total success.

Here’s the first class:

And here’s the second:

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