Leash walking second update

I’d say that Chico’s leash walking is progressing quite nicely. I can get loose leash walking most of the time when we are on the familiar territory close to home. We start and end all walks on the leash and he’ll reliably trot near me without pulling about 85% of the time now. I’ll up the duration, then we’ll have to add some distractions. I predict that we’ll be back to square one at that point. The point of this exercise, for me, is that there are times when he needs to walk along without stopping to investigate every interesting diversion. It’s a bit like being able to say “No window shopping! We have to get to the dentist’s office on time.”

I have named the behavior “leash walking,” and sometimes in the middle of an off-leash walk, just for the heck of it, I ask for leash walking without actually putting Chico on the leash. I mean, it shouldn’t really matter if he’s connected to me with a lead, right?

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